SCHATEX® – The brand for carpet tiles.

Innovative carpet tiles for both home and business use

The top of the range carpet tiles from SCHATEX® stand for functionality, quality and design. The collections cover the entire spectrum from good value products for use in your living rooms, to textile solutions for trade fairs and exhibition halls or in the world of gastronomy, all the way to the luxurious, high-end product for sophisticated business areas. Carpet tiles from SCHATEX® are produced exclusively from the very best of raw materials and utilizing the most modern of production equipment. These factors, combined with a diligent and careful quality control system, guarantee a product in first-class condition.

SCHATEX® – The perfect carpet tile for every requirement
Varied surface constructions and accentuated designs enable very flexible installation possibilities. The carpet tiles from SCHATEX® generate a pleasant, friendly room ambience and spread a feeling of both freshness and modernity. A harmonious matching of colours within the SCHATEX® collections allows the creation of an individual floor with every conceivable pattern and colour combination. Use
SCHATEX® carpet tiles to fashion your very own floor and really set the standards in innovative interior design.
Let the strength of SCHATEX® carpet tiles to inspire convince you!